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The names of the days of the week

The names of the months and the seasons

Words about religion and holidays

Slaves and slavery

The Latin root LAC-

Urgent emergencies

The Latin root TEND-

Personal names

Grapes, raisins, and wine

Some descendants of Latin comparatives

The suffixes Eng. -(a)tion ~ Sp. -(a)ción and some of the verbs that have them

Words for family relations (relatives)

Words about emotions

Some English loanwords in Spanish

Infectious diseases

Spices, herbs, and other condiments

The suffixes Eng. -age ~ Sp. -aje

Patrimony and matrimony (patr- and -mony)

The Latin roots VERT- & VERS-

Sp. olvidar and Eng. oblivion

The words test and prueba, and related words

An enchanting chant: The Latin root CAN-

Words derived from Latin verbs of sitting

Verbs of asking in English and Spanish

The word 'insect' and related words of cutting

Embarrassing Pregnancies

Vascular accidents

Eng. discuss and Sp. discutir

Words for mushrooms and other fungi

Inspiration and perspiration

Odds and ends

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Words for mushrooms and other fungi, Part 17

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