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In this blog I will be posting chapters or excerpts of chapters from Part II of my Spanish linguistics open textbook Spanish-English Cognates: An Unconventional Introduction to Spanish Linguistics, which I have been working on and off for the last few years, just for fun. Fun for me and for my potential readers too, I hope. I also hope that those who would like to learn about language and culture will find it useful. 

Each entries will be a part of a chapter from the book of manageable size. All the entries will be work in progress, some more polished than others. Feedback and constructive criticism will be very welcome. Feel free to let me know what you think. If something is not clear or you think is wrong, please let me know.

My goal is to make the texts accessible to the layperson and regular student of Spanish, not to the professional linguist, so I try to make myself very clear and may repeat myself quite a bit. This project is based on my experience teaching Spanish linguistics to non-linguistics majors, mostly for students who were or were going to become Spanish teachers.

It is my hope that these short sections will lead readers to take a look at the whole book. The book is rather large, over 2,000 pages at last count. It is divided into two parts. Part I contains 14 chapters that introduce the reader to many areas of linguistics, from semantics to the phonetics and phonology of Spanish (and English), as well as the history of both Spanish and English. The focus of this part is to provide the linguistic and other tools for the reader to understand the functioning of Spanish-English cognates. Part II contains chapters where Spanish-English cognates are explored at length, often centered around a particular Latin root or a particular topic.

You may want to star by exploring this page that links to the different pages:

The full textbook in PDF format can be downloaded from this page:'


Jon Aske
Professor Emeritus
Salem State University
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